A woman with a shiny hair and a sparkling hair clip shopping in the market in Oaxaca, Mexico
An orange and a white classic Volkswagen Beetle, known as Vochos in Mexico, parked on a street in Oaxaca, Mexico
Women carrying oranges on their heads in a local market in Ocotlan, Mexico
A man carrying brass instrument, classic blue Volkswagen Beetle known as Vocho parked on a street in Oaxaca, Mexico
A metal placard for displaying announcements hanging on a crumbling brick and plaster wall in Oaxaca, Mexico
A silhouette of a man in a hat carrying a loop of rope, in front of the Tempo De Santo Domingo Cathedral in Ocotlan, Mexico
A carved wooden and glass door of Oaxaca Cathedral in Oaxaca, Mexico
An indigenous woman breastfeeding while walking and looking at pink wooden crosses installed as a protest against femicides in Oaxaca, Mexico.
A shy indigenous girl selling traditional Mexican souvenirs on a street in Oaxaca, Mexico
A father and a son selling hats in the Benito Juarez Market in Oaxaca, Mexico
Portrait of a friendly elderly Mexican man wearing a classic white hat and elegant clothing in Ocotlan, Mexico.
Fashionable colorful mannequins stand in a shop display window in front of outdoor round café tables illuminated by evening sun in Zocalo, Oaxaca, Mexico
A white classic Volkswagen Beetle known as Vocho parked on a street, workers carrying ladder walk next to it in Oaxaca, Mexico
A man in excavating vehicle in front of a mural depicting first responder on a street in Oaxaca, Mexico
Colorful masks and local newspapers hanging on a stand in Oaxaca, Mexico
Mexican woman wearing pink top walking down the alley, turquoise colored brick wall in the background in Oaxaca, Mexico
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