A mural depicting an African woman smoking cigar on a turquoise colored brick wall, in the Kalk Bay, South Africa
A South African girl and a big black dog running on the beach surrounded by mountains in Hout Bay, Cape Town
An aloe plant growing in Cape Point, South Africa

Walking Cape Town’s streets, surrounded by tall concrete walls topped with electric fences, barbed wire and spikes, was a strange experience for me. In the peaceful suburbia where I live in the USA, white picket fences are more for show framing perfect green lawns. South Africa’s beautiful flowers and plants leaning on the dangerous wires made for an odd juxtaposition. I wondered if these barriers, meant to protect the occupants from violence and theft, are instead widening the gap between the haves and have nots - a physical obstacle to social cohesion. 

Neither the ponderings nor the walls diminished my usual curiosity or inhibited my movement. I chose to photograph the bright side. Houses painted in rainbow colors in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood where Cape Malay live. Colorful murals on the walls of up and coming Woodstock where local artists settled down. Vibrant fynbos growing happily in botanical gardens or along the roads. Blue bays with mountain vistas and small historic ports. The man-made and the natural ensemble as diverse and lively as the people who created and cherish it. The bright side that inspires dreams and hopes of a world without violence.

Colorful crab and lobster cages in Kalk Bay Harbor, Cape Town South Africa
A man wearing a Christmas hat sitting on a motorcycle people watching, a sign Kalky's on a red wall behind him, in Kalk Bay Harbor Cape Town
A mural depicting a silhouette of a woman with a chicken on a yellow house, mountains and blue sky in the background, in the Imizamo Yethu township South Africa
A colorful mural of a plane on the wall, a plant growing through the cracks in the wall, in Woodstock Cape Town
Linens drying on a bright yellow wall with barbed wire fence in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood, in Cape Town South Africa
An entry door in a tall concrete wall surrounded by palm trees, Lion's Head Mountain in the background, in Cape Town South Africa
A colorful fynbos in Kirstenbosch garden in Cape Town, South Africa
Victorian architecture with wrought-iron decorative lace on the historic Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa
Fynbos growing in Kirstenbosch garden in Cape Town, South Africa
A “Mama Africa” sign and colorful murals on a building on the historic Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa
Pink acacia flowers growing next to a barbed wire fence, in Cape Town South Africa
A turquoise mosque peeking behind the wall, mountains in the background, in Woodstock Cape Town
Two children playing in the ocean looking at the sunset, Table Mountain and Lion's Head Mountain on the horizon, in Cape Town
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