Welcome to my website. Angelasmandry means Angela’s Wanderings in Ukrainian. It’s still a mystery to me whether I wander to take pictures or I take pictures to wander. One thing is certain - there is a relationship between art and wandering. Be it meandering of the mind or literal wandering, the serendipity of it bestows intriguing ideas that hadn’t occurred to me and transforms them into pictures. Conversely, a painting may delight me on canvas first and then urges me to travel to where the art was made. I once visited Etretat after contemplating impressionists’ paintings. Their art made me see Normandy’s light, its effects on clouds and reflections on water. Though I am grateful to impressionists for opening my eyes, photography summons me to abandon perspectives of other artists and even the habitual perspective of my own and to consider for a moment how the world may look from a different angle. With curiosity and a flare for anything unusual, I lose myself, camera in hand, amongst the world’s beauty.

Featured in

2022 Urban Landscapes, The Glasgow  Gallery of Photography,

Glasgow, Scotland

2022  Political Statement, LoosenArt Mag, Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2021  New Seeds, Float Magazine, Online Exhibition

2021  Six Feet: Boundaries, Belonging, Becoming, Revolve Gallery,

            Asheville, NC

2021  ArtDoc Photography Magazine

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